Meatball Sub

Köttbullen's Swedish submersible. I new I'd get round to it one day.


robward said...

what the blast is going down here?

the decontextualisation of your meatball man - him just standing there in the middle of the ocean -is freakin me out

I have a very fragile mind - Chagall has the same effect on me

WJC said...

You could wrestle with the existential qualities of this piece. I'll knock out some others to reinforce any hypotheses you might have.

Now i'm thinking it may be a component to a omnisplosive Bond/ Star Wars/ Flash Gordon action montage for the Swedish Supers.

Mark said...

This is not a blog. It's an arms race.

WJC said...

Yep, though I think I may have bigged it up a bit much.