Sketching with a torch

Added to ink doodling last night as there was a torch within arms reach so I experimented slightly with added lighting (and atmosphere?). Taking photo's of actual drawings and mucking about with filters like instagram can offer results that may not be reached otherwise.

In the dark

In the Inn

Shadowy Characters

The colouring for Shore Leave was an attempt to reproduce to some extent, the look of pencil on paper drawings photographed in poorer light. So it's worth using filter apps however snooty photographers get. And worth posting WiP pics along with weather shots and your dinner.


xulm said...


WJC said...

Thanks Man! Much appreciated.

Lee said...

Great idea, man. I know I sometimes get so wrapped up in digital stuff that you forget what you can do with a bit of effort and thought.

Keep up the good stuff, you have a really fun blog.

SIMON said...

I love the inventiveness.

Also the faces in that last picture are fantastic... full of character... I love when you put a bit more detail into your faces mate... you come up with some right lookers.

WJC said...

Lee, surprisingly small effort sometime. Like I mentioned, the photo app thing has interested me by how much of the digital stuff i've then been prompted to reproduce in 'real life' form.

Simon, thanks! I often do more with figure than faces and I ought spend more time with varied face. More time varying the same face too!

Michael Amat said...

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